Care and disposal of operating materials

Good care of the cooling lubricants guarantees a longer tool life

Operating fluids such as oils, cooling lubricants and washing surfactants have become indispensable in modern production operations. They are a guarantee for high cutting speeds, long tool life, high quality surfaces and compliance with cleanliness requirements.

Your operating material can only fulfill all these properties if it is cared for appropriately. Poor care can quickly lead to conditions that are hazardous to health, extreme odor nuisance and machine downtimes due to unnecessarily frequent change intervals. To avoid this, we develop effective care and support concepts for your operating fluids.

After care comes disposal. We are also happy to take care of this service for you. Whether waste for recycling or waste for disposal. We take care of the complete management.

If necessary, we will of course also carry out the professional change of operating fluids with all the associated cleaning work on your premises.

Environmentally friendly disposal of liquids using
state of the art technology.

For a professional and environmentally friendly disposal of your operating materials, we operate a vacuum evaporator plant of the KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH.

Are you interested in our services for the disposal of operating materials?

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