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Machinery and production relocation

For us, relocation means much more than mere transport work

There’s an old saying that goes, “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” It is obvious that this is of great importance, especially for modern companies. After all, if you want to remain competitive tomorrow, you have to recognize new developments early on and be open to innovative ideas. Changes and improvements in the factory are therefore inevitable. We actively participate in your planned changes.

It does not matter whether it is a matter of internal machine transports or the relocation of complete production areas to other locations.

We are the right contact for you!

There are many companies that offer simple heavy transport. But this alone will not help you with the relocation of your product ion facilities.

For us, relocating a machine involves planning as well as finetuning and commissioning at the new location.

By making reference workpieces beforehand, we guarantee that the machine will produce at the new location with the same quality as at the old one. In addition, we make all power connections, set up the surrounding infrastructure such as racking systems, crane systems and pro tective equipment, and repaint the machine
according to your specifications.

In the case of complete company relocations, we naturally also undertake the office relocation with the associated installati on work for the IP and telecommunications systems. Upon request, we also carry out necessary renovation work in this area, including the planning and installation of new air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Thanks to our many years of international experience in this field, we have good references in Europe as well as in Asia.

Production environment

Optimum production processes thanks to specifically adapted environment

To ensure an ideal flow of parts or compliance with occupational safety, you need environment equipment specially adapted to your needs.

No matter what type of environment equipment is involved, whether it is a chip cart, forkliftram guard, transport cart or assembly table.

We will be happy to advise you and develop the customized equipment for your needs in ourdesign department.

In our fully equipped workshops, these facilities are then manufactured by our skilled personnel and subsequently installed at your premises.

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