Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance of machines and equipment of many makes

Modern maintenance concepts enable high technical availability

Anyone who wants to survive in today’s competitive environment must have their costs firmly under control and constantly increase the productivity of their business. Reliably operating machines and systems are the basic prerequisites for this. At TDK, we support you in your maintenance with an experienced team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers. If you wish, we can also assume full responsibility for the technical availability of your m ach ines and systems.

It does not matter whether the elements are electronic or mechanical on conventional or CNC controlled machines.

Our service technicians are qualified specialists in the fields of industrial mechanics, power plant electronics and mechatronics and are experienced in all of these fields.

Even a wide variety of different machine makes is no hurdle for our team. Thanks to our service partnerships with leading machine manufacturers such as Index, FFG Europe and LTA, as well as many years of supporting our customers’ machines, our service technicians are trained for many makes. Our team feels at home not only in machining technology.

Painting plants, heat treatment plants, washing plants and assembly plants are also part of our service portfolio.

Auszubildener an elektrischer Maschine

Repair of mechanical and electronic assemblies

The assembly repair in our workshop guarantees a
failure free production in your house.

In our workshops we carry out the repair of individual mechanical assemblies such as gearboxes, rotary tables or spindles. We will take care of the transport to our workshop and then return it after the repair is completed.

The alignment of geometric elements as well as the subsequent commissioning are naturally part of our scope of services.

We also carry out the repair of assemblies from the areas of operating, control and drive electronics.

Drive units are tested on our own test rigs after repair, if necessary.

Are you interested in repairs and maintenance?

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