TDK Neumünster has invested in another continuous washing system, thereby optimizing the washing process for customers’ wash goods.

Containers, boxes, trays, lids and other containers used for transport, storage or shipping are referred to as wash ware. The containers are used to protect the production parts from contamination and damage during internal or external transport. For this, it is of course a prerequisite that the containers themselves are as 100% particle-free as possible.

With the new container washing system, the washing process can be adjusted to any conceivable property of the material to be washed. Thanks to the numerous possible combinations of drive speeds, blower stages and temperature ranges, washing results are achieved that meet the highest quality requirements.
Thanks to the latest filter technology, softened water is used for washing, which completely prevents limescale deposits on the items to be washed. This ensures cleaning results of a consistently high quality.
The tank washing system consists of 3 zones with a total of 8 modules. These are divided into the main rinsing zone, the rinsing zone and the drying zone.
The water used for cleaning is collected in tanks, filtered and reused. Thus, water loss is kept as low as possible. Due to the design of the washing system and the arrangement of the control flaps installed in it, the heat used for cleaning is saved. This combination protects the environment during the washing processes.

Depending on the size of the items to be washed, over 300 units can be washed per hour. The cleaning and drying results are so good that at the end of the conveyor belt, the items to be washed can be stacked on pallets and made available to the customer for immediate use.


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